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Member since: 01-Jun-2014 (4y 5m 20d)

Louisvile KY, United States

Formerly known here and on 43T as Grandmonster.

For 11 years I’ve enjoyed nearly every minute of being retired. I became a member of 43Things on January 3, 2010.

My dad was a soldier and I have lived a total of 12 years in Europe in Germany, France and Italy.

I have a fabulous husband, 2 children, 9 grandchildren and 4 great-grandsons. I’ve been blessed to have had my 90 y/o mother alive, living in her home and that only recently she has needed extended care and been put on Hospice. She was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer with metastases to the liver. Just as sands pass through the hourglass Mum's life slipped away 11/16/18. I'm so glad I could be here for her and that she will always be here within my heart.

My son came to live with us in 2016. Oh happy day. Then my son went back to his old home to clean up messes from his adult children. He's returned once again, living in and restoring a house I purchased as a rental property. I live in a house that is 133 years old and enjoy all the fun of continuously working on it. We have a 9 y/o male cat named Ted Bundy who's killing everything smaller than him in his path.

I love to yarncraft, read, and work on projects in my home. And I don't miss my former job as an adjudicator.

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1Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I am grateful
137 people,  19
2weekly to-do list
3Release all that no longer serves
17 people,  17
4Clear books from my shelves
5Read at least 100 books in 2018
6Walk 2 million steps in 2018
7Complete all my projects in process
8report strange events or encounters
9New Years' resolutions for 2018
10Experience A Day Of Silence
8 people,  11
11Organize my photos
6 people,  14
12Find another $100
2 people,  2
13Make a Bucket List
31 people,  12
14Create a garden where the plants are like poetry and the trees, music
21 people,  6

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