Your Bucket List of Life Goals


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1Learn to meditate
34 people,  1
2Go to the Bahamas
3Milk a cow and drink the fresh milk
8 people
4Play like a child in the rain
31 people,  3
5Do something completely out of character: wild
2 people
6Learn sign language
53 people
7Visit Anne Frank House in Amsterdam
8Make recipe book to pass on to kids/grandkids
22 people,  1
9Leave a HUGE tip
20 people,  1
10Open my own restaurant
4 people,  1
11Make a family tree
25 people
12Buy my husband his dream car: Corvette
13Learn to speak Spanish
8 people
14Learn to speak Italian
3 people
15Walk my parent's neighborhood where they grew up
16Walk the old neighborhood where I grew up
17Take a train ride
20 people
18Take a world cruise
19Write a book and ATTEMPT to get it published
6 people
20Visit Italy: Sicily
21Go to Africa
7 people
22Write a diary for my boys
23Volunteer overseas
4 people,  2
24Visit the TAJ MAHAL
58 people,  2
25Visit EVERY state in the U.S.
70 people

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