Your Bucket List of Life Goals

It is with sadness that we need to give notification that PopClogs will close down, we have supported PopClogs for some time now and the costs continue to increase without any revenue and the user base remains quite small (but awesome). We did attempt to engage with a Skype Meeting to discuss how we could rescue/support the site, but unfortunately the turn out was very low. We intend to close down the website at Midnight on January the 30th 2019. We have written some scripts to export your text, but you will need to download any images you want prior to the close down date. We will backup the website locally, but can’t guarantee any data will be available post the close down date. If you would like an export of all your data please email with your username and email address and we will do our best to service requests but they may take some time. If anyone wants to make a reasonable offer for the domain and code, we will consider offers seriously. There are some awesome community platforms such as discord and slack, and of course lots of forum systems that could be your new home. Regards, The PopClogs Team

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Croydon, United Kingdom

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1Be a volunteer for a community project
3 people,  4
2Eat dinner at the fat duck
3Help someone cross something off their list
25 people,  6
4Get a really short haircut- not brave enough yet!
5Wing walk for my 30th birthday
6Stand Under a Waterfall
97 people,  3
7Buy my own sapphire necklace
8Own a tropical fish tank that makes up a wall in my house
9Buy my husband a pool table
10Snowboard in america
11Go to the winter olympics
12Own a holiday home in a sunny country
13Eat dinner at Rules
14Eat dinner at Gidleigh park
15Start up and run a successful hydrotherapy and rebound therapy business
16Get two dogs called Frank and Burt
17Run A Full Marathon
27 people,  3
18Own A Sports Car
22 people,  3
19Climb a mountain
16 people,  3
20Bungee Jump
74 people,  2
21Live mortgage free
18 people,  4
22Visit Disneyworld
100 people,  3
23Ride in a hot air balloon
160 people,  4
24Visit the Great Barrier Reef
60 people,  3
25See the Northern Lights
214 people,  4

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