Your Bucket List of Life Goals


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1Be in a Relationship
11 people
2Have a family
16 people
3Watch a sunset with someone special
26 people
4Have a job that I LOVE doing
29 people
5Get Married
143 people
6Visit Australia
94 people
7Travel Around The World
83 people,  1
8Go on a Safari
68 people
9Stand Under a Waterfall
96 people
10Visit EVERY state in the U.S.
70 people
11Visit Venice
91 people
12See the Northern Lights
211 people
13Laugh Until I Cry
26 people
14Buy Lunch for a Stranger
34 people
15Encourage someone once a day for a month
14 people
16Have a just like in the movies moment
19 people
17Ditch the norm
13 people

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