Your Bucket List of Life Goals


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Lawrence, MA, United States

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2 people
2Drink More Water
96 people
3Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I am grateful
137 people
4Learn To Sing
17 people
5Break A World Record
18 people
6Throw a Themed Party
17 people
7Learn ASL
6 people
8Create a scrapbook of my son's first year
9Clear out my closet and donate clothes to a charity
10Donate at least $20 to causes I believe in
11Write fan letters to people who inspire me
12Self-publish a book of poetry
13Sell a piece of writing
14Finish a coloring book
2 people
15Go a week without my devices ("unplug")
16Run a 5K
62 people
17Give up soda
18Get a Tattoo
166 people
19Keep an Updated Blog
18 people
20Journal every morning
21Join a gym
11 people
22Buy a House
27 people
23lose 50 lbs
4 people

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