Your Bucket List of Life Goals


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1stop leaving clothes on the floor
2 people
2Declutter and organize: clothes
2 people
3Learn to sew different types of buttons on the clothes
2 people
4no new clothes for 3 months
3 people
5Donate old clothes to charity
6Organize my clothes
3 people
7Design my own shirt/bag/clothes
3 people
8Jump in the pool with your clothes on
6 people
9Complete 365 days photo challenge
44 people
10Go on a cruise
121 people
11Spend a Night in an Ice Hotel
46 people
12Visit the Great Barrier Reef
60 people
13Visit the Statue of Liberty
68 people
14Drink More Water
96 people
15Visit Japan
106 people
16Swim with Dolphins
114 people
17Get Married
143 people
18Ride in a hot air balloon
161 people
19Play Beach Volleyball
20Play mud volleyball
2 people
21play college volleyball
2 people
22Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I am grateful
128 people

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