Your Bucket List of Life Goals

It is with sadness that we need to give notification that PopClogs will close down, we have supported PopClogs for some time now and the costs continue to increase without any revenue and the user base remains quite small (but awesome). We did attempt to engage with a Skype Meeting to discuss how we could rescue/support the site, but unfortunately the turn out was very low. We intend to close down the website at Midnight on January the 30th 2019. We have written some scripts to export your text, but you will need to download any images you want prior to the close down date. We will backup the website locally, but can’t guarantee any data will be available post the close down date. If you would like an export of all your data please email with your username and email address and we will do our best to service requests but they may take some time. If anyone wants to make a reasonable offer for the domain and code, we will consider offers seriously. There are some awesome community platforms such as discord and slack, and of course lots of forum systems that could be your new home. Regards, The PopClogs Team

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London, United Kingdom

Author of PopClogs

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1!!!Attend the first ever London PopClogs meet
11 people,  6
2Sit and think in a Kyoto temple in Japan
3Do 100 Things I Have Never Done Before
62 people,  3
4Eat Lobster Thermadore
5Go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and attend some comedy gigs
6Go to a Japanese Photo Viewing
7Buy and stash 8 gallons of water
8List my 100 favourite movies
19 people,  4
9Suggest Ways to Make PopClogs Better
9 people,  8
10Make marshmellows
4 people,  6
11Clear my home of anything which isn't either useful or beautiful
25 people,  7
12List 50 words I love
29 people,  8
13!Make recipe book to pass on to kids/grandkids
22 people,  15
14Find the best ever Gumbo recipe!!!
3 people,  6
15Take a few moments every day to reflect on the beauty of life
5 people,  8
16Own A Personal Sauna
17Take 50 photos of 50 places within 50 minutes of where I live
8 people,  8
18Make a difference in someone's life
7 people,  15
19Sleep under the stars with my love
20 people,  7
20Stay in the ice hotel
4 people,  9
21Learn how this website works
155 people,  9
22Find a 4 leaf clover
26 people,  6
23Get a cat :)
28 people,  10
24Stay in a Scottish Castle
5 people,  8
25Visit Bora Bora
8 people,  7
26Camp on the beach
5 people,  7
27Visit Bruges
2 people,  8
28!!!Sit at a Chef's Table
4 people,  7
29Spend a night in a haunted house
9 people,  8
30!!!Ride a Segway
10 people,  4
31Hotel Kakslauttanen & Igloo Village, Finland
5 people,  5
32Get my motorcycle license
11 people,  5
33Go to The Maldives
3 people,  4
34!!!Visit Japan
110 people,  7
35Attend a Masked Ball
12 people,  5
36Spend a Night in an Ice Hotel
46 people,  4
37Visit India
5 people,  5
38Ride in a hot air balloon
160 people,  3
39Leave a HUGE tip
20 people,  4
40Learn to Ski
21 people,  2
41!!!Learn The Finnish Language
42See a Broadway show
20 people,  3
43Go to Las Vegas
112 people,  5
44Kiss in the rain
48 people,  3
45Run A Half Marathon
87 people,  4
46Learn to play the Guitar
63 people,  6
47Attend the Annual Beer Floating Event near Helsinki Finland
10 people,  3
48Canoeing In A Crystal Clear Lake
6 people,  3
49Write a Book/Have it Published
10 people,  6
50See the Grand Canyon
82 people,  5
51Watch 'Yes Man' the movie
52Work in another country
18 people,  5
53Visit Machu Picchu
53 people,  4
54Learn to Sail
11 people,  3
55Try Goats Milk
7 people,  2
56Visit the TAJ MAHAL
60 people,  5
57Go on a World Cruise
7 people,  3
58Christmas Shopping in New York
57 people,  4
59Visit Devon
2 people,  3
60Go on a Safari
68 people,  4
61Race A Car Round A Race Track
7 people,  5
62Visit Disneyworld
100 people,  4
63Visit the Bahamas
4 people,  4
64Visit China
8 people,  5

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