Your Bucket List of Life Goals


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1Get all my essential documents together in one place in case of emergency
2Complete my will and advanced directives
3Prepay all my funeral expenses
2 people
4Dance at both my son's weddings
5Visit Mexico
5 people
6Visit Texas
7Visit Greece
9 people
8Visit the Hoover dam
6 people
9Visit the Grand Canyon
13 people
10Build an unconventional shipping container house
11Build a tiny or micro house
12Build an unconventional grain silo house
13Ride a Can-am Spyder
14Work as a waitress at least one month
15Create a vision board
6 people,  1
16Buy Lunch for a Stranger
34 people,  1
17Drink More Water
96 people,  1
18Make a Bucket List
31 people
19Ride in a hot air balloon
161 people
20Fast For A Day
22 people
21Lose 15 pounds and keep it off!
22Practice yoga
37 people
23Lose 25 pounds
2 people
24Pay off my student loans
25 people
25Get Out of Debt
57 people
26Live mortgage free
18 people
27Buy a second house to rent
15 people
28Buy an ATV 4-wheeler
29Go on a cruise with my kids and grandkids!
30Create a passive income
20 people
31Be a Traveling Nurse
32Finish my bachelor's degree
33Work overseas
12 people
34Start my own company
30 people
35Fall in love with a wonderful man
36Lose 50 pounds
37Have My Portrait Painted
27 people
38Forgive my all my ex's
39Own A Hot Tub
24 people
40Scan old photos
21 people
41finish my family tree on
42Learn to play the Guitar
63 people
43Learn Linedancing
44Learn Tennis or Raquetball
45Learn fluent Spanish
2 people
46Visit New York
116 people
47Visit the Statue of Liberty
67 people
48Visit EVERY state in the U.S.
69 people
49Go on a Safari
68 people
50Visit the Pyramids
42 people
51Visit Ireland
33 people
52Visit Venice
92 people
53Travel to Italy: Rome
30 people
54Travel Europe
36 people
55See the Northern Lights
213 people,  1
56Walk the Great Wall of China
75 people,  1
57Visit the TAJ MAHAL
60 people,  1
58Visit Japan
110 people,  1
59Visit all 7 continents
23 people,  1
60Travel Around The World
83 people,  1

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