Your Bucket List of Life Goals


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1See the Northern Lights
213 people,  1
2Go to Las Vegas
112 people
3Find my dream job
15 people
4Be successful
16 people
5Get a job
37 people
6Play like a child in the rain
31 people
7Spontaneous road-trip to nowhere...
75 people,  1
8Drink More Water
96 people
9Create a passive income
20 people
10Grow vegetables in my garden
41 people
11Learn how to play an instrument
41 people
12Strengthen my financial health
5 people
13Get Fit
31 people
14Take better care of myself
39 people
15Run A Half Marathon
86 people,  1
16Laugh more and not take life so bloody seriously
25 people
17Stop caring what other people think of me
4 people
18Change someone's life
2 people
19Run a 5K
62 people
20Lose Weight
103 people

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