Your Bucket List of Life Goals


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1Spend time on a Horseback safari...
2 people
2See a sunrise/sunset with a special someone in a very special place
3Hug a koala bear
3 people,  1
4Learn to scuba dive in the maldives
5Tour New Zealand in a Camper Van
4 people
6Find True Love
24 people
7Visit and Scuba dive the Galapagos Islands
6 people
8Have kids
7 people,  1
9Learn to kitesurf in Hawaii
2 people
10Get my motorcycle license
11 people
11Participate in a cattle drive
2 people,  1
12Christmas Shopping in New York
57 people
13Ride a tandem bike
14Swim with Dolphins
113 people
15Roll a cigar in Havana
2 people
16Help someone cross something off their list
24 people
17A trek in Borneo
18Return a 'slow loris' to the wild.... in person!
19Climb with an Orangutan
3 people
20Sleep in a Tree House
5 people,  1

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