Your Bucket List of Life Goals


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1Make my home an inviting sanctuary
17 people,  2
2Build my own house
5 people,  2
3try a homemade hair mask
6 people,  1
4Declutter my home
15 people
5Swim with Dolphins
113 people
6Work in another country
18 people
7Exercise daily
36 people
8Visit the Statue of Liberty
67 people
9Spend a Night in an Ice Hotel
46 people
10Travel Europe
36 people
11Visit all 7 continents
23 people,  2
12Travel to Dubai
34 people
13Visit Venice
91 people
14Run A Half Marathon
86 people
15Keep a diary for one year
31 people,  1
16Get a Degree
26 people,  1
17Get a passport
33 people
18Become fluent in Spanish
20 people
19Live abroad for a year
23 people
20Learn german
23 people
21Learn a New Language
32 people
22Recycle more
13 people
23Be on Television
23 people
24Fast For A Day
22 people
25Watch a live play
13 people
26Throw a Themed Party
17 people
27Write a Book
140 people
28Be the old lady at concerts
16 people,  1
29Ride in a hot air balloon
162 people
30Go to Las Vegas
112 people
31Visit Australia
94 people
32Visit the Great Barrier Reef
60 people,  1
33Walk the Great Wall of China
75 people
34Travel to Thailand
72 people
35Run a 5K
62 people
36Get Out of Debt
58 people
37Send a message in a bottle
61 people
38Kiss in the rain
48 people
39Visit Japan
108 people
40Visit New York
115 people
41See the Northern Lights
212 people
42Create a passive income
20 people,  2
43Practice yoga
38 people
18 people
45Learn how to play an instrument
39 people
46Make friends who are like family
24 people
47Live mortgage free
18 people
48Grow my own herbs
23 people,  1
49Grow my own food
7 people,  1
50Complete 365 days photo challenge
45 people
51Do 100 Things I Have Never Done Before
60 people,  1
52Make my own shoulder bag
9 people,  1

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