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1FAFSA-15 mins
2Finish the remeditation OMM exam
3Make new travel plans
4Do not hit the parked car mirror on Ann's lot
5Eliminate or greatly reduce my distractions leading up Exam
6Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I am grateful
135 people
7Replace staying in bed half awake, with light low quality sleep WITH.
8Fill out applications for Diabetes/ Haiti, 5k Scholarship and Residency resume types
9Keep distance from others: young, old, similar or not words, actions, bodylanguage
10Prepare for the travel trip plan in a mature, responsible manner
11Learn to be independant without the car
12Commit to cleaning 10 minutes a day
13Practice the art of prioritization
14Freezer Food: Buy 7-10 different tupperwear and cook meals and freeze them
15Get a standing /foldable reading.laptop stand!<--workspace better
16******~~ Mental Health ~~~*****
17Keep Track of my Trichotillomania /repetitive body behavior
18Improve my personal habit and keep a reflective log of it here
19Increase flow experiences in my daily life
20Do a budget check and change nuerotic thing exercise into a more positive Way of looking
21Reward Myself
22Have a nice, mindful post-test routine
23Organize photos by location
24Back up photos
25***** Physical Wellbeing****
26Go yoga/ running every Sun in the morning
27Blood work test - personal health
28Getting ready for bed by 8:30pm and take naps if needed
29************Financial Housekeeping and Well-being**************
30Call loan provider and ask about interest payments
31Don't get in a rat race over gambling stock market daily noise: I got more imp things to focus on
32**************Emotional Well being***********************
33Deal with career/future plan uncertainly without relying on stranger/acquaintance validation
34Be a loving parent to myself.
35Meditate 5 mins before bed and 5 after before the day begins
36Conscious relaxed Non-nuerotic time management
37**************** Every day Life ****************
38Make 2 weeks worth of Frozen Breakfast burritos next weekend
39Car-accident free 2018
40Make a list of my fav songs
41See if I can listen in leui of interupt others or a group of people
42Chronicle things/activities that seemed like a waste of time

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