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Fall in Love

Fall in Love

Fall in Love on PopClogs
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Goal Comments:

  • alli86
    07-Sep-2015 23:25
    Practical Magic is one of my favorite movies. In it, a young girl already familiar with what heartbreak can bring casts a spell for the perfect man and vows now to fall in love with anyone but. Her specifications are improbable, including anomalies like one blue eye, one green, must make perfect pancakes, favorite shape is a star... With movie magic this guy exist and their love eventually breaks a curse.

    Now back to reality. I haven't loved too many but already feel like I've loved too much. My heart needs a break. I want to fall in love again but I fall in love with the impossible. So perhaps, like in the movie, I can create a list of what I need; a sort of reminder to stay grounded until things are actually right.

    My heart could use the break.

    1. He must be patient and understand I wont introduce my kids to anyone new until I'm convinced it's the real deal.

    2. He must then be willing and able to play a supportive and positive role in their life.

    3. He must know the value of communication and refuse to play the silent treatment game.

    4. He must be hardworking but know the value of spending time with family and friends.

    5. No coach quarterbacks need apply or any form of couch potato.

    6. Smart. I want, no, NEED real conversation. I want the person who I can stay up all night with and then wonder how it got to be sunrise.

    7. He can't be afraid to dance in the rain or play in the mud.

    8. He knows the value of appearances and doesn't need encouragement dressing the part.

    9. He knows the value of saying to hell with what everyone thinks and has the confidence to be himself, despite number 8. (I never claimed to be easy to please...)

    10. Affectionate. Terribly, uncontrollably, unapologetic-ally so!

    11. Passionate! About anything and everything so long as their is life in his eyes and words and heart.

    12. TBC....

    I'm thinking my heart is safe at this point. :)
  • adrien
    05-Sep-2015 07:22 
    Completed on 12-Jun-2015
    Most people are in such a rush to find love. We grow up hearing stories about how these princesses are locked up or are in trouble and the prince saves them. That's not how life is. You don't have to be in a rush, go at your own pace and I'm sure you can find that special person.
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  • marry1990
    20-Jan-2015 08:25 
    Completed on 13-Jun-2010

    Choupy <3

    The best thing of my life
  • RikkaTakanashi
    05-Nov-2014 21:43

    He he he....

    I think Im in love with three guys .-.
    I don't want to say it to them though because im only 11 and I might see other people....

    WHAT DO I DO!?
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  • sfatimah
    04-Nov-2014 12:48 
    Completed on 04-Nov-2014

    Fall in love with this one person too many times.
  • sh1ccy
    14-Aug-2014 17:28 Edited  
    Completed on 10-Oct-2010

    All of me loves all of you

    We met through a mutual friend on a blind date and have been together since October of 2008(*!) :)

    oops I put 2010 in and don't know how to change my complete date :P
  • naughtyminx78
    06-Aug-2014 09:56 
    Completed on 06-Aug-2014

    No regrets...

    ...though my love story had a difficult start. It was worth every tear, every angst, every heartbreak, to be where I am now with TMTIL.
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  • megan24689
    19-Jun-2014 07:31 
    Completed on 12-Dec-2013


    Should not have done that.

    Should definitely NOT have done that.
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  • ligmes
    14-Jun-2014 18:56 
    Completed on 14-Jun-2014

    My Colombian Man

    I didn't think I would have fallen for a Latin man from South America, but I did and I am still in love with him. However, although I fell in love with him, working through many issues we've had and still doing it, that's real love.

    I'm learning about how to love someone at where they are and he is doing the same to me. He first fell in love with me and showed me he was the right man for me.

    So, falling in love means letting go and just trusting. This wasn't easy for me and I thought for a short time, that maybe it wasn't possible or that I was mistaken, but every day, I am reminded of how much I love this man, who is my husband.
  • yisraela-ruth
    24-May-2014 13:16 
    Completed on 01-May-1986
    More than quarter century later, I still do.

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