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Read the Bible

Read the Bible

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  • letterboxer
    25-Feb 13:41

    Jumping back into this

    Using Lent, starting March 1st as my springboard. Going to see how much New Testament I can reread before Easter.
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  • letterboxer
    09-Jul-2016 13:55

    Jumping back in for another pass at the New Testament

    Dug out my study notes that I made when I read through it the last time and I'm going to re-read it in chronological order instead of book order. Going to try to do a little bit each morning before I start my day.
  • letterboxer
    14-Mar-2015 12:15

    Done with Daniel

    It took a lot of my brain power to wrap my head around all that history. And understand that long dialogue in Daniel 11 of the back and forth of Syria and Egypt. Will definitely have to read it again after I have some soak time.

    Moving onto another prophet: Jeremiah.
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  • letterboxer
    11-Mar-2015 08:54

    Getting a history lesson

    I was totally not getting Daniel 11. My World History is so rusty! Kings of North and South? All these battles foretold? Huh? Daniel was losing me.

    So I turned to to learn more and understand what Daniel was getting at. Aha, we're talking about Egypt and Syria! Now I am knee deep in Persian Kings, Alexander the Great, Syrian Wars, Antiochus III etc etc. I'm so easily side-tracked that I've sort of forgotten about Daniel (sorry God! I'll get back to it, I promise!) and am intrigued by learning the history.

    I'll give myself a day of being sidetracked and then get back to wrapping up Daniel (I'm on the homestretch, it ends in Daniel 12!)
  • letterboxer
    05-Mar-2015 08:06

    Finally getting back to Daniel

    In Daniel 3, Daniel's friends wouldn't worship the King's other gods or bow down to this new giant gold idol built out on the plain of Dura. So the King bound them and threw them in a giant furnace. When he looked in, he saw the men walking around unharmed in the fire. Pulled them out and proclaimed their God a wonderful and all-powerful God that they were willing to die for and who protected them.

    Whoa. I've never heard this story. My only experience with Daniel is the Lion's Den story. And the fact that he's a prophet who is mentioned time and again in the New Testament. So I googled this story looking for images of some artist interpretations of the idol in the desert. I found many images of that, but also MANY more of the men in the furnace.

    And I wondered. If I were put in that position, would I be brave enough to stand firm and be thrown in the furnace for God? Just thinking about being put in that position makes me feel guilty. And like I'm not a strong Christian.

    Today I'm praying for God to strengthen my faith and give me the courage to stand up for what I believe. All things are possible with God.
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  • letterboxer
    29-Jan-2015 09:04 Edited

    Onto Daniel

    Was it Einsten that said, "The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know"?

    That's how I feel today.

    My study of the New Testament and specifically, Revelation, has made me realize how little I know. It has piqued my interest in learning more about the prophets. I want to start with Daniel. I learned the 'Daniel in the Lion's Den' story when I was a kid, but the 70 weeks prophesy? I've never even heard of it. And that's only the tip of the iceberg of what I don't know.

    Hopefully this study of Daniel will lead to study more of the prophets. I've really struggled with the OT in the past so I'm glad for this nudge back into it.
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  • letterboxer
    20-Jan-2015 17:20

    Bible study

    God nudging me to try this again. He nudged me to stay for a meeting after church. While waiting, I struck up a conversation with a woman who is the mother of a friend of my daughter's. The next day I got an email from her inviting me to women's bible study. First one was today. I went and was really glad I did. The woman who invited wasn't there (I knew she wouldn't be), but the others were all very welcoming. I felt comfortable enough to talk and share my ideas but also felt comfortable not talking and just listening. How perfect is that? I'lll definitely go again.
  • letterboxer
    14-Jan-2015 09:44

    May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with all. Amen.

    Took me forever, but I finally finished Revelation. Its full of death, destruction and totally wild cast of characters that was not easy to read. But ends with a new beginning. A new Jerusalem. A reunion of God's people with the Tree of Life.

    This trip through Revelation was my second time through and I learned so much more on this pass. Mostly because my reading was supplemented by sermonds, podcasts and other sources that helped me grasp some of the imagery and other stuff that I just didn't understand the first time through.

    My plan is to re-read it again, right away, straight through. After slogging through the details, to grasp the meaning, I'd like to now just read it through, to get that beginning to end overview. Third times a charm, right?
  • letterboxer
    09-Dec-2014 10:31

    Still listening

    Two more podcasts under my belt to help understand Revelation. However I'm realizing I can't listen to these while I run anymore. Too deep and I find my mind wandering and then missing some good stuff.

    No 48: The Two WItnesses - the Church's Role in the Salvation of the World. Good message on the role of Love. Can't force someone to love you. Can only love them into loving you. Or something like that. Same with church. Can't force someone to love God or go to church. Can't fear them into it with the idea of the second coming.

    I remember a time when my nephew sent me this email saying he was worried for my soul and went on and on about hell and my soul being tortured for eternity if I didn't accept Jesus as my personal savior. I was not in a place to hear ANY of that. And was so turned off to Jesus and religion. His very opposite intent is what happened. Can't force it.

    I've never been very comfortable sharing my faith. I do it in small dribs and drabs. Mostly I try and live by example. And teach and share my beliefs when I'm asked. But not sure that is enough. Praying and pondering on this today.

    No 49: Satan & the Dragon - the Enemy Revealed. I really liked this one. How war isn't the way to peace. The part about no one coming out of a war and saying, "That was so worth it!" Need to re-listen to this as my brain was wandering so badly during this one!!
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  • letterboxer
    06-Dec-2014 13:46

    Still listening

    Listened to 2 more Jesus at 2AM podcasts to help understand Revelation better.

    No 46: A Vision of the King, the Lamb, and the Plan of Salvation
    No 47: The Beginning of the End - 7 Seals of the Scroll

    Still not nearly as funny as the 1st one, but seriously such a good complement to my own bible study.
  • letterboxer
    26-Nov-2014 10:44

    Day 2 of Jesus at 2AM

    Today's wasn't nearly as funny, but super educational. Listened to No 45: Revelation - Jesus's Delay and the Rise of Roman Persecution (I guess that isn't a particularly funny topic)... It was harder to listen to as I ran today because it was a more complex sermon than yesterday's, and I found my mind wandering off to the scenery, the ache in my side, my breathing.....but when I paid attention I got a lot out of it! Will stick with it through the Revelation series and then decide if I want to keep it up.
  • letterboxer
    25-Nov-2014 13:19 Edited

    Just discovered a new podcast

    Jesus at 2AM: intellectual integrity and authentic faith.

    Did a quick search for something new to listen to during my run (I'm all caught up on my Wait wait! episodes hahah) and found this. And after listening to 1 episode I'm hooked and can't wait to listen to the next one tomorrow!

    Since I'm in Revelations in my bible reading, I started with No 44: The Apocalypse - Starring Christopher Walken, Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber :) Its a sermon given by Ian Farrell (the usual host is Kirk somebody) and had me laughing while learning more about what I'm reading in my Bible. I'll be sure to listen to the remainder of the series to see where it all leads.
  • letterboxer
    20-Nov-2014 08:16

    Working my way through Revelations

    Up to Revelations 19 today. Some really ugly images. I still have a long way to go to understanding all this. But I'm convinced that with study it will come.

    In the sermon at church on Sunday, pastor said that every age has had its evil figures and every age has thought the time of judgment was coming soon. But instead of dwelling on when judgment will be, we should dwell on getting right with God.

    That's something I can agree with.
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  • letterboxer
    14-Nov-2014 08:34

    Jumping ahead to Revelations

    Pastors at church are doing a series of sermons on Revelations, so what better time to jump ahead and reread this.

    I am feeling a little scolded by my Father this morning after reading Revelations 2:23....I am the one who relentlessly explores the mind and heart, and I will deal with each of you as you deserve according to your acts.

    I haven't jumped into adultery like some of the followers of the church of Thyatira had in this text, but I have been lazy in mind and deed lately. Subtle God. Thanks for the reminder to lead a disciplined and productive life.
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  • letterboxer
    21-Oct-2014 11:48 Edited

    1 Corinthians 5-8

    My favorite part of these passages of this section is 1 Corinthians 5:17 when Paul tells the Corinthians to "Live with the gifts the Lord has granted you. And with the call God offers you."

    In other words, Play the hand your dealt!

    I definitely needed to hear that one today. I'm glad to be back on track with my bible reading. I've been away from it for several weeks and I'm always happier when I spend time reading each day.
  • viggie
    14-Sep-2014 21:08

    Day 27

    And I am up to date on my reading plan!
  • letterboxer
    10-Sep-2014 12:14 Edited

    2 Thessalonians

    Fear of the unknown had taken root and spread within the Thessalonians. Where fear takes root, faith withers, people turn away from hope and Jesus. This is Paul's 2nd letter to the Thessalonians telling him not to be deceived. The 2nd coming hasn't happened. But it will. We can't know when for sure, even Jesus didn't know when it would happen. But there will be signs leading up to that day. And it will be an amazing day for those who believe.

    Then at the end Paul reminds them, just as a parent would, to remember to follow in his footsteps and live life like the example he set: Love, keep your head on straight, work hard, never tire of doing good. Gotta love Paul.
  • letterboxer
    01-Sep-2014 08:20


    …to a formal Bible study. I've done so much studying of the bible on my own, but never been to a formal Bible study group. I'm having an open mind that I will really like it. Worst case I'll go and have some tea and meet some new people. :) Starts Tuesday night.
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  • letterboxer
    25-Aug-2014 09:13

    1 Thessalonians

    Second time around in 1 Thessalonians for me. I really like this book. Quick read and I always feel like Paul's advice to the fledgling church in Thessalonika is so reassuring and gentle. He tells them that they are doing a good job being new Christians and they should keep up their good work, but just do it better and better. Feel like he could be talking directly to me.
  • letterboxer
    23-Aug-2014 06:32

    Back in Acts

    I love reading this part of Acts of Paul's time in Athens. I could read this part over and over. I can picture him standing on Mars Hill under the Parthenon and the Acropolis. Taking the opportunity to tell the story about Jesus, even though he was preaching to intellectuals who were really only there to hear something new. Paul taking the chance to reach new believers. Awesome.

    I spent a few days in Athens a couple years ago and after touring the Acropolis, walked the rocky ground and stood on Mars Hill. And thanked God for bringing me to that place and helping the Bible come alive for me.
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