Lose 20 pounds

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Lose 20 pounds

Lose 20 pounds

Lose 20 pounds on PopClogs
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Goal Comments:

  • viggie
    11-Jan-2017 23:51


    I've lost 5.4 pounds so far this month. I've been using myfitnesspal to track my calories (I try to eat a traditional food diet which is pretty calorie dense) and beachbody workouts (core de force right now!)
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  • waterfallnymph
    04-Jan-2016 02:45

    Reward for this

    is $500 worth of new Spring/ Summer clothes. Which I need SO badly.
  • katrinia17
    23-Nov-2015 16:06 
    Completed on 23-Nov-2015

    First 20

    It was so hard for me to get the first 10 pounds gone (or should I say the first 15) and I just don't know why. I couldn't keep with the plan and normally I can and I drop the first 10 quickly and then struggle with the next 10. This time it was the opposite and I quickly dropped the next 10. I did take about 3 weeks off and was drinking a lot of 7 up and heavy juices the week before that due to my surgery and this caused me to gain almost 10 pounds, but they dropped so quickly and just continued to drop. I'm guessing much of the weight gain was water weight.

    I'm continuing on with my goal of losing weight and I'm looking forward to 30 pounds gone.
  • katrinia17
    21-Nov-2015 03:58

    Looking good.

    I had almost 2 weeks in which I went off the plan and gained back some weight, but I'm back on and have lost the gain plus some. It brings me closer to my 20 pounds gone goal. I'm currently sitting at 24.4 pounds gone and I'm waiting to see 25.8 before I mark this one of. I'm hoping that it happens in the next week so that I can cross this off by Nov. As planned.
  • katrinia17
    21-Oct-2015 23:45

    Finally here

    I finally crossed off my other goal and can start working on this one. the idea is to set short term goals so that I don't become frustrated with the process. Now I'm working on 20 pounds gone. Currently I'm at 17 pounds gone. I won't cross this off until I reach 25 pounds gone.

    I do this because I have a tendency to swell up with water. I'm hoping to cross this one off by the end of November.
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  • katrinia17
    25-Sep-2015 18:11

    Starting over.

    I can't believe that I went off track and I'm now starting over on this goal. Well sort of. I've been working on another goal and have reached it so I'm coming over here to this one. I'm currently about 7 pounds away but won't mark this of until I'm 25 down.
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  • katrinia17
    13-May-2015 16:49

    Huge drop!

    This morning I got on the scale and saw a huge drop of almost 4 complete pounds. I'm off by 4 ounces! About dang time.

    I doubt that I'll hit 6 more pounds gone in the next 2 days so I won't be making the goal that I wanted to be at by this time of the year but I'm pretty dang close! I guess in the end it is the overall number that counts.

    I'm betting on a gain tomorrow because today I'm meeting up with a friend and we are going out to eat for lunch. I'll make it a decent lunch but anything that is "out" is going to be high in sodium compared to what I can make at home.

    Here is to 6 pounds and 8 oz to go before I hit 20 pounds gone!
  • katrinia17
    10-May-2015 03:57

    Weight is up

    My weight went up by a pound and 4 oz. I'm not worried because I had a lot of sodium and ate really late last night. I know the scale is going to be up again today because it was my cheat day. I didn't go too out crazy. I had my critique meeting from 10am till 6pm and so while there I had a cup of lemon chicken pasta soup and half a veggie sandwich for brunch/ late lunch. It was under 500 calories. I then had a carrot cake muffin around 3pm along with a cup of salad (half fruit and half veggie that a friend shared). I followed all this up with a bowl of menudo soup and a cookie. I was doing good until I ate the muffin. I didn't realize (until right now) that it was more calories then any other meal...over 600 calories. It made me sick which was why I took in some bites of salad about an hour afterwards. I needed something to balance the sugar. I could have and should have skipped the menudo and cookie or at least just ate the cookie. Without all that I was sitting at just 500 calories...actually less. I still hit under what I need to maintain my weight which is good. I hit high though, 1900 calories.

    With that I'm expecting at least a 3-4 pound gain. I know that what I ate is not enough to make me gain 3-4 pounds ( you need 3,500 calories to gain a pound) but there was a lot of sodium and the food is sitting in my system. I'm sure I'll lose it all by the end of the week and I'll be right back on track. Just got to keep on track. Tomorrow will be my fasting day/ No food, just water (this was already planned for another goal). I'm hoping to clear all this out of my system.

    As for now, I'm just super bloated feeling.
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  • katrinia17
    09-May-2015 05:21

    Working on it.

    I'm currently working on this goal. I started it by trying to lose 11 pounds first (another goal) and started that on the on May 1st 2015. I just hit the 11 pounds gone so I'm switching over here and will be writing down my process.

    I'm not expecting a loss tomorrow due to over eating today. In fact, I made orange chicken and I'm feeling so sick from eating it. Not happy at all.

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