See the total eclipse!!!

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See the total eclipse!!!

See the total eclipse!!!

See the total eclipse!!! on PopClogs
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  • collectorofcats
    27-Aug-2017 21:15 Edited  
    Completed on 27-Aug-2017
    It was awesome. I plan to do this again in about 7 years.

    Remember this date: April 8, 2024.

    See you there.
  • abracadeborah
    26-Aug-2017 00:23 
    Completed on 25-Aug-2017
    Never have I enjoyed an experience as much in this decade.
  • sherlock
    25-Aug-2017 23:56

    It was wonderful!

    I got back Tuesday night, but have been too busy to write about it. The eclipse was everything I thought it would be and more. I saw it in Nashville, on the lawn of the law school with several workers there. I didn't have glasses, as I was planning only to look at the total eclipse, but one of the ladies offered me hers! The first thing I noticed was the shadow of the eclipse showing in the light filtering through the trees. It functioned just like one of those boxes, so that the image was reversed!

    Next, I noticed that everything seemed to stop for a moment. The air felt different...cooler. Then I used her glasses, and could see that the moon was almost totally over the sun.

    And then-- everything got dark. Like in the middle of the night dark. The crickets started up, and a dog in the area started to cry. I was shocked by how dark it really got, and the temperature droppped 10-15 degrees. And at that point, I saw that the moon was totally obscuring the sun, leaving just bright feathery light around the edges of the moon. It was simply glorious, but at the same time frightening, because it was becoming so cold! I didn't realize how dependent we are on the sun, somehow!

    I tried to take pictures of it, but none of them are as beautiful as it really was. It lasted for 2 full minutes, and I busied myself also taking pictures of the awestruck people with their faces lifted in unison. I can see why it made our ancestors think the world was ending!

    And then the sun came out again...and there was immediate warmth. It felt like a message from God.
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  • sipes23
    25-Aug-2017 06:12 
    Completed on 21-Aug-2017

    Front row seat in the front yard

    So I live a mile from where the exact center of the eclipse of 2017 passed. My dad came to visit, which made it that much better. I'll try to describe it, but words are really inadequate.

    As totality increased, it got cooler. Birds started to roost. Things got still. And it kept getting darker and cooler. The horizon became sunset all the way around. (The town cheered when totality came--we could hear the crowd downtown, which maybe half a mile away?) We were able to look at the sun, and the corona was beautiful. There were some reddish stripes near the edge, which were normal. My wife didn't know this. I didn't see any stars or planets, but in theory I should have seen some of both. I had this awareness of being in a moving system, and strangely I was overwhelmed emotionally. I almost cried the way some people cry when they hear beautiful music. Then we saw the diamond ring, and it was time to put the glasses back on. The first diamond ring was pretty, but the second was astonishing.
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  • abracadeborah
    22-Aug-2017 12:54

    The longer story

    My history: At 7 I could not appreciate a total eclipse as I can at 65. My dad was a soldier in my childhood and we lived in France when last I saw what I remember as a total eclipse. I do not think it was completely total, now. But, I will forgive the 7 y/o me for not knowing. And, now, knowing the experience of the total eclipse I will be making plans to go to Indianapolis in 7 years.

    The preparation: I'm so glad we went to the trouble to go the night before the eclipse. We had glasses, the Hub's family, and the extended family of the bil who lives in the Marion KY area.

    Our group: the 3 brothers, their wives (this is where I fall), 2 adult children of the host brother, the spouse of one of his children. the 4 boys, the host brother's fil, sil, her husband, and adult child. And, the eldest brother (who stayed home) sent his adult son and dil. Most of the adults were in their 50's and 60's. My Hub is the oldest of the siblings there at 69. The fil is 90 and quite fit. A small band of 19.

    Leading up to the event: we were preparing a lunch. It began around 1ish with the slow progression of the moon. It was very hot and we'd walk back in the house frequently because we needed to catch our breath. I took preliminary photos that I have deleted because they just weren't what I was seeing. Then I tried putting an extra pair of eclipse glasses over the lens of my phone, iPad, and my very old digital camera. The old camera did the best. The very dark photos I have included in my first post are with the lens covered. The clouds started gathering over our heads. I admit that I have dissipated clouds in the past when they are inconvenient and I drew on that power yesterday. I got everyone around me to focus on visualizing a hole in the black clouds and in 5 minutes they were gone. I believe that what we request will be given.

    the surprise: Not one of us (jaded, and faded as we are) had anticipated the gloriousness of the moment that the moon blocked the sun entirely. I was totally overwhelmed when the event came. I had put 2 songs on my phone which I had planned to play during the eclipse time Total Eclipse of the Heart and Your So Vain. And, I didn't think to do it. More than "ooh" and "ahh", yet I can't really say why I cried and keep crying when I think of that moment. Gosh, I'm a silly old girl!
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  • abracadeborah
    22-Aug-2017 11:44


    I'm putting photos on (taken with bare camera lens and with some of the glasses we had put over the phone and the iPad) and one comment until I have more time to say what a joyous experience this was.

    When I was a girl there was a song with these lyrics: There's a kind of hush, all over the world ...."
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  • collectorofcats
    21-Aug-2017 23:11


    The next total eclipse that can be seen in at least some parts of the USA will be on April 8, 2024. That's a Monday, too.
  • collectorofcats
    21-Aug-2017 18:27

    Just happened

    First I noticed it actually was getting darker then one of our streetlights came on. Suddenly, it got very dark and looked nearly twilight and the streetlights got really bright. The duration was only a couple minutes then the sky lightened up again and the streetlights went off again.

    It was really cool although I was looking forward to actually seeing the sun. Maybe it will come out from behind the clouds before it is finished.
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  • collectorofcats
    21-Aug-2017 12:27

    Today's the day!

    They took the rain out of the least until tonight. We are expecting sunshine this morning and partly cloudy skies in the afternoon so there shouldn't be any obstructions in viewing the eclipse.
    From what I can assertion, it will start around 11:40 am. or so with it at its totality at 1:10 pm. For those lucky enough to be in the center or its direct path the length of the time should last about 2 minutes, 40 seconds if what I have been told is correct. I'm guessing the entire event from start to finish will last about 3 hours.
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  • abracadeborah
    20-Aug-2017 13:20

    We're leaving today

    I just noticed this goal here and decided to sign on.

    We've been planning it for several months and an hour ago my Hub tells me we are leaving at 6 tonight to Hopkinsville KY to stay with his younger brother. It will be like his family reunion.

    The middle of the swath that the totality covers is very close to my bil's home. We'll have about 2 minutes 40 seconds of total eclipse.
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  • collectorofcats
    19-Aug-2017 21:48

    More Info

    Here's a link to a website showing a demonstration of how much of the solar eclipse you can view from anywhere in the continental USA,
    Solar Eclipse
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  • sipes23
    19-Aug-2017 07:59

    Front yard convenience

    Yeah, we're about a mile from the exact middle of totality. I plan on watching from the front yard.
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  • collectorofcats
    18-Aug-2017 00:26

    Possible rain/ cloudy Monday

    In the last 72 hours the weather forecast for Monday has changed numerous times. First, we are suppose to have scattered rain then definite thunderstorms then partly cloudy. Maybe we'll have rain, maybe clear skies. I'm hoping for the latter.
    My daughter asked me if she should keep P home from school. I said "Why?". She is worried about the influx of people coming into town. I told her that P would be safest at school and they are planning activities for the children and taking her out of school might make her feel left out. In reality, I'm more concerned about home invasions and thefts while residents gather around town to view the eclipse.
    Our little city is less than 15 miles away from the epicenter (or central path) of the eclipse shadow where our daughter lives so I expect we will either see over 95% of the eclipse or not be able to distinguish whether we are see a total eclipse or not. The city's chamber of commerce posted a notice inviting all the town folk to the local school's football field for viewing where they are planning to serve free hotdogs and hamburgers beginning at 11:00 Monday until they run out.
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  • collectorofcats
    13-Aug-2017 23:22
    A slightly closer look with a white curser arrow pinpointing the most likely place we will be during the eclipse.
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  • collectorofcats
    13-Aug-2017 21:30

    August 21, 2017

    The route the eclipse is taking through our state.
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  • sherlock
    13-Aug-2017 21:05

    I'm gonna do it, I'm really gonna do it!

    Are you gonna do it? I'm driving to Nashville, which will be a site of TOTAL ECLIPSE, and will watch it from Sonchild's high-rise apartment building! Hope to have excellent pictures!
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