On weekdays, wake up by 6:00 a.m.

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On weekdays, wake up by 6:00 a.m.

On weekdays, wake up by 6:00 a.m.

On weekdays, wake up by 6:00 a.m. on PopClogs
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Goal Comments:

  • Gertrude
    10-Feb-2016 16:21

    SOME, mostly not but

    but am sacrificing all morning goals & merging with just one - I had too many weird morning goals around
  • ladybird
    28-Jul-2015 06:43 Edited

    Test - Heureka!

    So what if I remove this goal from my goal list, will my 2 entries be gone, too? I feel better if I sleep longer so I am giving up this goal for now.

    edit: No, my entries are still here. So it is possible to give up a goal here!
  • ladybird
    19-Jul-2015 11:56

    I am awake, but...

    ...but I do nothing with this time! The intention of this goal is to invest that time into something productive, enjoyable, creative, since it is not yet hot that early. But I am so grumpy that early!! I need to eat proteins for supper and veggies instead of starches in order that to happen.
    Since it is weekend, I can nap later.
  • Gertrude
    25-May-2015 18:41

    surprising success here, but....

    my problem is that since beginning of may I find myself waking up a 5am!!!! And for the first 1/2 of May I was going along with it, and it was AWESOME. The problme is that it's still a tad TOO early - I keep going to bed intending to get up at 6 instead of 5.. but it doesn't work

    it's either 5 or nothing

    so I may need to re evaluate this thing, maybe it's a bizarre thing re my circadian rhythm that 5am is a more natural hour for me than 6 - I know the other natural hour for me is 7 and the other one 9, so, maybe I either need to forget the dawn thing or go with 5am

    if I can just go to bed early enough I don't mind, but I was ending up getting only 4 or 5 hours of sleep and that sh*t gets old

    stlll, has been exciting seeing the dawn & stuff & I also LOVE being up wheneveryone else is asleep!!! That's honeslty probably the only reason I've been a night owl all these years - I like being awake when everyone' is asleep

    now, nobody on earth is awake at 5am!!!

    maube I'll go for it
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  • cora_and_clarice
    09-Apr-2015 06:00

    I'm awake and productive once more.

    It's 7:30 now and I've already made a docking window appear in an application I'm improving. It's like 20 lines of code, but it took me an hour to figure out as I'm not familiar with the framework. Amazing how I've been avoiding this sticky task for 2 weeks when all I had to do was try it when I'm at my freshest.

    Now the real pain begins...How on earth am I going to put an editable tree in this thing??
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  • cora_and_clarice
    08-Apr-2015 07:23

    I made it!

    It's black at 6am here in the southern hemisphere, but I don't care! I got started programming by 6:50 and had finished a huge chunk of the scripts by 9am. My game now creates randomised level geography with sparkly collectibles, also random. I got far more done this morning than I usually do in the whole afternoon.

    !!Like a boss in my pyjamas!!
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