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REST API v1.0 Resources

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Goals are added to lists, they can be completed

POST add_goalRemoves a goal from a List.
POST remove_goalAdds a goal to a List.
POST complete_goalCompletes a goal.
POST uncomplete_goalUncompletes a goal that has been completed, restoring it to a List.
POST cheer_goalCheers a goal, if a goal has already been cheered by this user then it is un-cheered.
POST add_goal_issueAdds an Issue to A Goal.
POST share_goal_emailShares a goal via email.
GET search_goalsSearches Goals.

Goal List

Goals Lists are lists of goals

GET get_goal_listRetrives a List of goals.
GET get_goal_editRetrives a User goal data.
POST cheer_user_goalCheers a User on their Goal.
POST post_goal_editSaves a User goal data.
GET get_goal_detailsRetrives a User goal details for overviewing a goal.


Comments are added by users to goals

POST add_goal_commentAdds a comment to a goal.
POST add_goal_comment_replyAdds a reply to a comment.
POST remove_goal_commentRemoves a goal comment.
POST remove_goal_comment_replyRemoves a goal comment reply.
POST remove_comment_imageRemoves a comment image from storage and DB.
POST cheer_goal_commentCheers a goal comment.
POST cheer_goal_comment_replyCheers a goal comment reply.
POST post_goal_comment_editPosts a comment edit.
POST post_goal_comment_reply_editPosts a comment reply edit.
GET get_goal_commentsRetrives a list of comments for a goal.
GET get_goal_comment_repliesRetrives a list of comment replies.
GET get_post_previewRetrives a preview of a post.
GET get_goal_commentRetrives a goal comment.
GET get_goal_comment_replyRetrives a goal comment reply.
GET get_goal_comment_cheersRetrives a list of goal comment cheers.
GET get_goal_comment_reply_cheersRetrives a list of goal comment reply cheers.


Direct Message Between Users

POST add_messageDirect Message a User.
POST get_messagesRetrives a list of Messages.
POST get_message_threadRetrives a Message Thread.
POST remove_messageRemoves a Message
POST add_message_issueAdds an Issue to a Message.



POST follow_userFollow A User.
POST invite_userInvite A User Via Email.
POST change_passwordChanges a Users Password.
POST cancel_accountCancels a Users Account.
GET get_updatesRetrives a feed of comments for a user.
GET get_notificationsRetrives notifications for a user.
GET search_usersSearches for a user.



POST searchSearches PopClogs