Your Bucket List of Life Goals

It is with sadness that we need to give notification that PopClogs will close down, we have supported PopClogs for some time now and the costs continue to increase without any revenue and the user base remains quite small (but awesome). We did attempt to engage with a Skype Meeting to discuss how we could rescue/support the site, but unfortunately the turn out was very low. We intend to close down the website at Midnight on January the 30th 2019. We have written some scripts to export your text, but you will need to download any images you want prior to the close down date. We will backup the website locally, but can’t guarantee any data will be available post the close down date. If you would like an export of all your data please email with your username and email address and we will do our best to service requests but they may take some time. If anyone wants to make a reasonable offer for the domain and code, we will consider offers seriously. There are some awesome community platforms such as discord and slack, and of course lots of forum systems that could be your new home. Regards, The PopClogs Team

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So what is PopClogs?

PopClogs is for people who want to do more, achieve their goals and change their lives for the better.

It's for people like you who are looking for the motivation to do more, for those who want to make a change but need the inspiration to get up off the couch and make things happen.

Explore the goals and lists of people in the PopClogs community, the 'PopCloggers'. They are all doing something positive to make their life goals happen, whatever that might be. Maybe you want to climb the career ladder, travel more, get more excitement in your life, meet more inspiring people, or just be more fulfilled and more accomplished? Whatever it is, it's out there for you, and PopClogs is a truly inspiring place to make your Life Goals happen.

What do you want to do before you "pop your clogs"?

How does it work?

Add your goal

There are two ways to add goals, just type in what you want to do into the box above your goal list and press enter or the + button, or browse the site and click the "Me Too!" button on any goal you want to do and it will be added to your goal list.

Browse for ideas

See that button at the top named Goal Ideas? Just hover your mouse over it and you will see lots of areas for discovering ideas to add to your list, go to one of them and browse for new goals.

The "Me Too!" button

Wherever you see the "Me Too!" button, just click it to add the goal to your list

Features you can then take advantage of (PopClogs Features) :

  • Sort your lists
  • Prioritise your lists
  • Set Goal Dates
  • Read Completed Goal Stories
  • Share your list
  • Comment on a goal, read and reply to other peoples goals
  • Add Images we host
  • Mobile optimised site, PopClogs works on all devices including mobile phones
  • Direct Message People
  • Be Notified when things happen
  • Keep Private Notes about your goals
  • Cheer other people on there goals
  • Cheer comments and replies
  • Find Friends from PopClogs or Facebook, We Suggest Friends for you too, Follow people and People can follow you
  • Make private or friend only goals
  • Explore goals other people have made, including catergories and top lists.